Low Dose Naltrexone, could it be a right medication for you?

In the course of my practice, I have come across people with complex chronic conditions, who report benefits from taking Low Dose Naltrexone. You may have heard of ‘Naltrexone’, and may associate it with the treatment of opiate and alcohol dependency. Naltrexone at doses above 50 mg, is indeed used to help people combat opiate and alcohol dependency. A Physician by the name of Dr. Bernard Bihari, in the 1980s, discovered that at doses typically below 4.5 mg a day, Naltrexone acted as an immune modulator, decreased inflammation, and strengthened the body’s own natural defence mechanism by increasing the body’s own production of Endorphins. Naltrexone at doses below 4.5 mg a day, is termed Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

There is need for further research into the long term effects of using of Low Dose Naltrexone. Many committed people within the medical field, patients themselves, and those who have an interest in promoting health, have been working hard to gather clinical information that could help shed more light on the benefits of LDN.

Like all medications, it is not suitable for every condition, but in appropriate cases, its users have reported life changing benefits.

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Chinwe John